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      Thenwhere is she? he demanded, grimly.The two exchanged a brief admiring glance. "Oh, I'm all right with Constance," was the reply. "I'm cousin to 'Steve'!"

      He would have dashed off to Belfayre then and there, but he could not leave his mother; and he did the next best thing to goingsat down and wrote a letter to Traffordthe letter of a close and dear friendand adding that the moment he could leave his mother he would hasten to Belfayre on the chance of being some use. He sent his love to Esmeralda, and his kind regards to Lilias. Then he posted his letter with his own hands, and returned to his mothers bedside to mourn; for the duke had always been very good to him, and he loved the old man.I said well, remarked the diplomatist, blandly.

      He began again: "Ladies and gentlemen and comrades in arms!" and pulled his moustache, and smote and rubbed his brow, and suddenly drove his hand into an inside pocket and snatched out a slip of paper. But what should come trailing out with it but a long loop of ribbon! As he pushed it back he dropped the paper, which another whiff of wind flirted straight over his head, sent it circling and soaring clear above Moody's store and dropped it down upon the roof. And there gazed Anna and all that multitude, utterly blank, until the martyr himself burst into a laugh. Then a thousand laughs pealed as one, and he stood smiling and stroking back his hair, till his men began to cry, "song! song!"Ive astonished you, I expect, said Norman. I am about the last person you expected to see.

      Lady Wyndover emitted a kind of moan.

      He was carried out of himself, as most all men would have been, and he bent over her and kissed her. At his kiss he felt her tremble and quiver in his arms; then she raised her head, looked into his dark eyes with something of the wonder and trouble of a child who finds joy too much for it to understand, almost to bear, and put her soft warm lips to his.


      Esmeralda laughed softly, then stifled a sigh.Dogs Ear has been very quiet since the affair of the coach, he said.


      "You'll keep the dance going?" she solicited, and they said they would. Flora gave her a glowing embrace, and as Irby strode by murmured to him.