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      LarrySandycomequick! He called his chums in a strained voice.

      One wire, somewhat lighter in its insulation than the other, was wound around the heavier one. They traced it, as Sandy had done. It seemed to wind on down, as did others he showed, from each switch-pole, into the protective sheathing of metal and insulation; but none really were wound any further. From there on down, they ran behind the other wires!

      So did Sandy.


      When the sergeant reported it to the major afterward, he said that the captain, in stooping over to raise the chief of scouts, had been struck full in the temple by a bullet, and had pitched forward with his arms stretched out. One private had been wounded. They carried the two men back to the little cabin of stones, and that was the casualty list. But the dash had failed.

      "He is mistaken, sir."


      The wrench, within his reach, could be used as a weapon. Larry had caught Jeffs flash of the eyes toward it as his hands had been elevated. From Jeffs expression Larry saw, out of the corner of his eye, that the older pilot caught the younger comrades purpose.


      To air pilots, of course, there is plenty of excitement.


      "Here's how," said the parson, and raised his glass. A bullet shattered it in his grasp.