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      244Do you think his confederate threw the real ones overboard, in the life preserver, with the ruined imitations tied to it?

      That was provedthe seaplane coming out to the yacht proved that the passenger who said he was a London agent, and wasnt at all, had changed his plans. Well, say that he had arranged with Mimi, Mrs. Everdails maid, to have her throw over the jewels

      She gave him an odd, furtive glance and did not[Pg 55] answer for a time. He was never quite able to divine with her just how much of his thoughts she understood, and it put him at some disadvantage.From the rear of the crowd in the hangar, Pilot Larsen came forward.



      Landor glanced at his wife. She seemed to take it without offence, and was listening intently.Cairness stood up and walked down to the water to wash his hands. Then he went into the cabin and brought out a small mirror, and all the shaving apparatus he had not used for months, and proceeded to take off his thick brown beard, while the Indian sat stolidly watching him with that deep interest in trifles of the primitive brain, which sees and marks, and fails to learn or to profit correspondingly.




      Sure they were! the chef, who had observed their invasion of his cookery compartment with amazement, spoke up. I had to use all of em to freeze the cubes for your dinner. No use to fill em again till I wash em up, so I left em out while I defrost the boxcut off the current and let the box get warm enough to melt the frost that collects when you freeze a lot of cubes.