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      Chapter 3

      I think we found the life preserver that they might have had on board the seaplane all the time. And the other onewe never thought of the yachts name being painted on its own things. So we took it for granted that we had the real hiding place.

      The civilian protested. "But there is a big company of us, sir, thirty or thirty-five, who can put you on the trail of a large band."The Sky Patrol gasped in unison. So did all the others.

      "She must be a woman by this time," reflected the civilian. "Is she married to him?"For answer she put out her hand and laid it upon his, not as she had often done it before, in the unattentive eagerness of some argument, but slowly, with a shadow of hesitation.

      The amphibian can set down on the water and shell pass the placealready theres somebody climbing out of the front cockpit onto the wingto grab the thing as they pass! Sandy muttered.




      Neither of the chums had a word to answer.All right, the man had recovered his surprised wits and was closely watching Larry. Which pocket?


      Stone was something of a power in Tucson politics, and altogether a great man upon the territorial stump. He was proud of his oratory, and launched into a display of it now, painting luridly the wrongs of the citizen, who, it appeared, was a defenceless, honest, [Pg 10]law-abiding child of peace, yet passed his days in seeing his children slaughtered, his wife tortured, his ranches laid waste, and himself shot down and scalped.