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      She started to walk away with her sedate air, but a little quicker perhaps than would suggest perfect calmness.When he had taken two steps he stopped. "I said all his men," he said with a sly note creeping into his voice. "Watch and make sure."

      "Most all day."

      "There, you see, now," said the Colonel sternly. "I'll tie up by the thumbs the next man that dares scratch a match."

      Pen kept her eyes down to hide the thought she was sure must be speaking through them: "If you came back here under such circumstances I should kill you!""Hah!" He was hard put to it to control himself. "What place is this?"

      Si threw off his traps and dropped on the ground to rest a few minutes. He got up presently to scratch around with the rest. As he took hold of his haversack he was surprised at its lightness. When he laid it down it was bulging out with sweet potatoes, and a glance showed him that these were all gone.

      Pen was blunt enough. "I believe this man is starving somewhere on the place, and I'm going to find him if I can."


      "Shorty," said Si, "let's fire both together," and crack went their muskets.



      "No, it's not there," he said ruefully.The company stacked arms in the road, the Captain went to direct the filling of the wagons, and Si and Shorty started on a private reconnoissance for something for their larder.