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      "He may want to see his old home, perhaps. He was born at the Mount, you know."

      I dont know, said Lady Wyndover, helplessly. Would you rather have walked? I never walk anywhere, if I can help it.

      He was so kind to her, so gentle, so courteous in every word and act, that she wondered sometimes whether he had forgotten that miserable revelation; whether he had forgotten that she was one of the lost ones of this earth, a woman who had forfeited woman's first claim to man's esteem. Sometimes she found herself lifting her eyes to his face in an unpremeditated prayer for pity, as they stood before some exquisite shrine of the Madonna, and the ineffable purity in the sculptured face looking down at her struck like a sharp sword into her heart. That mute appeal of Isola's seemed to ask, "Has the Mother of Christ any pity for such a sinner as I?"She flung her arms above her head and wrung her hands in a paroxysm of despair. Then, with a little cry, she plucked at the loose wild tresses as if she would have torn them from her head; and then she threw herself upon the cabin floor in her agony, and grovelled there, a creature for whom death would have been a merciful release.

      "De puerta cerrada el diablo se torna,From a locked door, the devil turns away," he muttered, settling himself in his hiding place, with the intention of remaining there until the anticipated departure.


      And who is she? Is she a great friend of yours? she asked. You spoke of her almost as much as you did of this Lord Trafford.


      He did not wait for her answer, but went into the midst of the crowd, and presently returned, accompanied by his[79] nephew. Esmeraldas heart beat rather fast, and the color rose to her face. Would he recollect her? She hopedthough she did not know whythat he would not. Perhaps Lady Wyndover was right, and she ought not to have interfered; perhaps he had laughed at her, when he had ridden away out of sight with the fair girl who had treated her so contemptuously.Does it look as if there was anything I could possibly want that isnt here? she asked. There is everything. Is it time to go down yet? I dont feel as if I could ever leave these beautiful rooms and that view.


      Unpack them at once, Barker! she said. Come upstairs, Esmeralda; come this moment.