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      Yes, Lilias, he said. Mr. Helby has been speaking plainly, and like most plain speeches, it has hurt. I must go up to town to-morrow morning early.

      What does it matter? she said, with the same weary impatience.

      Still Hilary scrubbed: "Why so, Mr. Gibbs?"

      All laughed but Charlie. He swore at the top of his voice and threw himself from the room.

      Break up into threes, he said, and search the hill. It will be light presently, and youll be able to see any tracks. Let there be no violence if it puts Esmeralda in danger. The man who has kidnapped her is Simon, and he may want money. If so

      Not for a moment did he forget that she was Traffs wife. He tried to efface the memory of his love, the night by the silver stream below the camp; but she would always be Esmeralda to him, the girl he had loved, the woman for whom he would at any moment gladly lay down his life.



      He looked at her.


      It is not unlikely, said Lady Ada. And I suppose you are enjoying your new life very much? I thought you were looking very happy just now when I saw you with Lord Trafford.


      I take an interest in everything concerning you, my dear, said the duke. I have not had a daughter until[217] now, and my interest has been accumulating, you see. It is to be a large party, is it not?