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      Johnson looked down.

      "Yes, I hear it, a horse."The gate is lower down, he said; but Esmeralda laughed, and with a cool Can she jump? put the mare at the fence.

      Trafford looked up after her."No, only the last thing you would suspect--a good housekeeper. I have put him up in sugar."

      Esmeralda! he shouted, his voice thick and husky. Esmeralda, is that

      Call him in, she said in a whisper. Offer him supper, a drink.



      Lady Ada looked at her, and then away. Norman Druce caught his breath and turned away also; the duke looked round with pride, as if she were indeed his daughter. And TraffordTrafford stood motionless for a moment, his pale[202] face growing paler, an expression of wistfulness, intense enough for pain, in his eyes.The light came back to her eyes, and she laughed half apologetically.