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      "I listen," the Albert said.

      Dodd stared. "At their expense?"

      Then the velvet silence came down again, but the words rang through it faintly until Gornom broke the spell with speech.

      "I wish Caro or Jemmy cud meet someone like her. I d?an't think as Pete minds."

      For the very reason that he could not despise her, he took upon himself to bully her now."Now, there's three loaves o' bread for the Sargint," said Harry, laying them down on a newspaper. "There's three for the Corpril; there's three for me; there's three for you."


      He had thought the words he used had some meaning. Now he knew they had next to none: they were only catch-phrases, meant to make him feel a little better. He was a slaver, he had been trained as a slaver, and he would remain a slaver. What was it Norma had said?


      Towards two in the afternoon he came in, tired and puff-eyed with misery, his brain all of a jangle. "Why don't you keep bees, Reuben? Why don't you keep bees?"