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      "To London!"When Pete went back into the room he found him struggling under the bedclothes, the sweat trickling down his face.

      "C?ame here."

      "My lord, my daughter was present when I gave the medicine; but I seek no defence."


      "My lord," answered Holgrave; "I beg your pardon; but I thought your lordship wouldn't think much of the marriage, as your lordship was not at the castle, and I did not know when you would return. Here is the merchet, my lord, and I hope you will forgive me for not awaiting your return."


      In little more than half an hour, they arrived at the meadow in which stood the parish church and the abbey of Hailes. The church, a small, plain Gothic building, with a red tiled roof, stood in the centre of a burial-ground, of dimensions adapted to the paucity of inhabitants in the parish. A low stone wall enclosed it, and some old beech-trees threw their shadows upon the mounds and the grave-stones that marked where "the rude fore-fathers of the hamlet" slept.


      Albert saw the heap of scribbled paper on the table, and blenched.At the wedding Rose fairly dazed the onlookers. She wore a dress of heavy white satin, with a white lace veiland a bustle. It was the first bustle that had ever been seen in Peasmarsh, or even in Rye. In itself it was devastating enough, but it soon acquired a prophetic and metaphorical significance which made it even more impressive. Spectators saw in it the forecast of Odiam's downfall"He can't stand that," said Brazier, the new man at Totease, "she's a Jezebubble.""Only it ?un't her head as she's tired this time," said Ticehurst."She shud have worn it in front of her, and then we shud have bin interested," said Cooper of Kitchenhour.