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      "Con--? Ah, Con! I think the sister who could remind a sister of that--!" The sufferer went slowly up to her room, where half an hour later she was found by Miranda drying her bathed eyes at a mirror and instantly pretending that her care was for any other part of her face instead.

      I must not keep you up, dear, she said. I am so happy to-night! I think it is because you are herebecause I have found a sister to love and to love me.

      He aint here, said the man; then he leered malignantly. Ah, Simon! he said, now yer mention it, I shouldnt be surprised if he had ad a hand in this game.

      Why dont you ask Esmeralda or Ada to play with you? Lilias would ask.

      The crisis they had been anxiously waiting for at Oakfield was past, and Lady Druce was better; so much better that Norman could leave her for a few hours, though not long enough to go down to Belfayre. He had seen the paragraph in the papers stating that Esmeralda was ill at Deepdale, and he thought that he might, at any rate, run down there and hear how she was. Lady Wyndover would see him for a few minutes, and he should have tidings ofof all at Belfayre, and Lilias. And Lady Druce urged him to go.

      Trafford leaned against the desk; he was feeling the sinking, exhausted sensation which comes from want of food, too many cigars, and much mental travail, and the clerk eyed him almost sympathetically.Norman shuddered.


      She sat up for hours listening; the little house grew still; she went to bed at last, but lay awake, listening still. But his footstep did not sound on the gravel path. The house remained as silent as the grave.


      He had already searched among them, hoping against hope, for a letter, line, one word, from Esmeralda.