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      Trafford uttered an exclamation, and came forward with outstretched hand.It does not matter, she said; and, for the same reason as before, her tone was constrained and cold.

      You speak as if I had only to choose.

      When Esmeralda went down they were all assembled in the drawing-roomshe had waited until she had heard the second bell, waited with a strange nervousness which she had not felt on her first visit to Belfayreand her entrance made a sensation. The shaded light fell upon her ivory-clear face and red-gold hair, and upon the superb dress and flashing jewels, so that she looked like a picture of Rossettis.Yes; and in a quarter of an hour he will be in his place in the House, and storming like a fury.

      Traffords face went white, and he stood for a moment, breathing hard and looking at her as if he had not heard her aright.

      Yes, he said, his eyes eloquent with imploration. I scarcely dare ask you, there is so much to forgive! Ever since we first met, I have wronged you, have cruelly misjudged you, have proved unworthy of you.

      Lady Wyndover smiled on him.

      Oh, miss! What a wonderful place! Ive never dreamed of anything like it!I dont know; it all depends upon the book. I havent read much, for there werent many books at Three Star, and I havent had time since I have been in London; and most of the books I see here are so silly. I like that one.


      But there aint, chuckled her captor.My name is Belfayre, he said.


      He turned abruptly, and skirted the hill on his way to the gardens of the Villa Borghese, where he found shade and seclusion in the early afternoon. The carriages of fashionable Rome had not yet begun to drive in at the gate. The cypress avenues, the groves of immemorial ilex, the verdant lawns where the fountains leapt sunward, were peopled only by creatures of fable, fixed in marble, faun and dryad, hero and god. Martin Disney plunged into the shadow of one of those funereal avenues, andwhile the sun blazed in almost tropical splendour upon the open lawn in the far distancehe walked as it were in the deep of night, a night whose gloom harmonized with that darker night in his despairing heart.Varley laughed.


      When the meal, which appeared to Esmeralda to be interminable, at last came to a close, Lady Wyndover took her back to the drawing-room.